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Hi friends! Glad to see you in my profile page and welcome to All Travel Netherlands website. If you are an avid or passionate traveller, then you would definitely enjoy my writings and web page. I have been travelling since my childhood. When I finished my schooling, my interest in travelling constantly stimulated. I left all alone to Turkey and start to pursue my passion by choosing my career as travel writer and blogger. I have visited more than twenty countries and most of the time I travel independently. I fell in love with scuba diving, swimming and water sports activities. In my site, you will details about various countries and cities I have visited.

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  • South Lake Tahoe Corporate Retreats Increases Productivity

    south lake tahoeMy manager left me in charge of arranging this seasons corporate retreat. As a company in Silicon Valley, I hired a team (fellow colleagues) and we searched everywhere, when we realized a retreat is possible right in our backyard: South Lake Tahoe!

    I stumbled upon Camp Richardson by fate – not only was it hidden amidst a flurry of Google reviews, but it seemed to be the underdog in all categories, as it’s a historic site, and people these days prefer modern venues. Regardless, I found that this offers every type of venue for any type of retreat. Given that this is a business retreat, I wanted a communal feel, with BBQ’s for down time, as well as conference rooms. It was hard to find if this was possible, because most online reviews were about the camping site. For a brief period of time I thought that would a neat – but highly unrealistic idea- to have a corporate camping retreat! Just an idea for any one out there.

    The actual resort offers different options for accommodations, which I found to be unique given that it’s also a camp site and an RV site.

    I finally opted for the Historic Hotel, since it was close to the beach and also had the conference rooms I asked for. You can get special rates if you e-mail the manager ahead of time, in this case it was only 3 months ahead of time. We got a rate for $60 / person / day.

    But perhaps what pulled my attention the most, aside from the price and obscure details, was the serene surroundings I noticed right when we got there. Although it’s minutes off of highway 89, you are immediately immersed in to a retreat of nature, of the lake, of serenity. It is super picturesque and you almost forget that you’re at a corporate retreat. I think, for most, its conducive to hard work, given the relaxing atmosphere!

    For our annual dinner, we opted for the Hotel Restaurant, which overlooked the lake, and was over all a great experience. The service was impeccable, the tables close together, and there was a marvelous sunset with great selection of wines.

    On our off time, which was a whole day, there were choices of renting boats for fishing, or playing tennis. There was about a 50:50 ratio of each, and I opted for the fishing on South Lake Tahoe. Our captain, Jim, was highly knowledgeable of every location to the T and made our 5 a.m wake up time to commence our fishing retreat a breeze!

    My colleagues informed me that the tennis was also great.

    All in all, my manager and department were satisfied with the experience. And, turns out, they were thankful (and joked around) that we didn’t go on a camping retreat, so i’m happy I didn’t go for that one. Maybe I will return to do that with my family.

    I would recommend Tahoe Mountain LabĀ help organize your South Lake Tahoe group and corporate retreat needs!

  • A Beginners Guide To Find A Proper Property Manager in South Lake Tahoe

    So you’re either new to renting out your home to visitors short term or long term, or you’re tired of doing it your self. First and foremost, let me explain to you what a property manager is.

    A property manager oversees administration of your real estate. In other words, they do what you don’t really want to do if you’re already busy with other priorities. This includes one or more properties. They manage your property, by acting on behalf of you. They preserve the value of your home while at the same time bringing in income for you. You typically pay a percentage fee or a percentage of the rent brought forth while under management.

    Because South Lake Tahoe is expanding by the month, there are endless options on hiring property management. I hear too many stories of investors like myself getting out of this type of business because they dislike dealing with tenants. Let’s face it: dealing with tenants CAN be a burden. But this does not make any sense to me. Owning real estate has far too many benefits to stop taking part in it.

    Ultimately, hiring a South Lake Tahoe Property Manager should not be taken as a light task, because it could break or make your investing future. Proper measures should be taken.

    Yet, I continue to hear “but there are so many bad property management companies!”. No kidding. There are bad companies of all sorts every where. This is where you have to ensure that you use your networks in full force, and find the perfect fit for you.

    The best types of companies use attorneys to make sure no law is broken and every lease is legally bound with a contract. Because of sheer volume of tourism in this area, I would have to argue that property managers can get better pricing for owners as well as revenue than they could ever handle on their own.

    While I too use property managers in this area, that does not mean I do not take a major role in all of my investments. I still do random inspections, and schedule my own repairs, but I have the ability to take my own vacation with out having an anxiety attack on how my tenants are doing at my rentals. I have a very demanding day job, and this is just too much to handle at once.

    That being said, I have found many property managers who are in it to do a good job. I had to be selective, and find out their credentials. You have to find out their past experience, how many properties they manage (because if it’s too know the saying “quality over quantity”), and if they have enough staff to follow said volume. First, find out if you have friends who could give you referrals. If not, start screening them like they would screen your future tenants!